Coronavirus Message

We understand that many in our community will be concerned about what the next few days and weeks will bring, our practice team are also concerned but are working hard to continue to provide care. We are still open offering essential services (essential blood tests, childhood immunisations, dressings and some injections). The doctors where possible are offering telephone triage and telephone appointments and now have the option of video consultations. If you have an urgent problem we ask that you phone in, speak to the receptionist, who will screen you for coronavirus, and will then task the doctor who will decide upon appropriate action, i.e. a telephone or face to face consultation.

We are also offering some routine telephone consultations if you have concerns of a non-urgent nature. Please speak with reception and they will inform you of availability.

We have postponed all annual reviews for the foreseeable future and will be updating patients medication in order that their supply will continue.

As a team, we are reviewing national guidance daily and adopting new ways of working to keep you, our patient community, safe. Minimising your exposure to COVID-19 symptoms and saving the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community is our priority.

At the same time we need to keep our teams safe and well so they can keep on working to provide patient care.

We are genuinely sorry if you are inconvenienced by having to wait a bit longer on the phone than you usually would or are experiencing difficulty getting through to us. We now have four additional phone lines, the change to telephone consultations has put pressure on our phone system.

Another concern is the number of people requesting medication. We are experiencing an overwhelming demand for medication, shortages of inhalers and other medications. Please only request medication as you need it, our dispensary staff are working really hard to keep up with demand but the past two weeks have been difficult for them. We would encourage as many patients as possible to sign up for online ordering of medication wherever possible, please speak with reception if you would like to do this. If this is not possible we have now set up a repeat prescription ordering line Monday to Friday 10am-2.00pm. Please do not drop off repeat slips.

Our new dispensary hours for collection during this outbreak are :

Monday to Saturday – 9.30am-11.30am

We are offering home delivery for all patients 60 years and over and also vulnerable patients. We have delivery services set up in all locations, run by groups of volunteers. We are so grateful to these kind volunteers. We ask that if you are in this vulnerable group of patients please do not come down to the practice to collect your medication.

At this time none of us know how long this disruption is likely to continue for, so we ask that all of our patients are kind to our team. It’s a very worrying and stressful time for them also, some of our team suffer ill health, some of our team have young families, they are choosing to work and not self-isolate in order to provide an essential service and they deserve your respect.

Please be kind. Please be patient.