Referral Information

I have been referred to a consultant for further care.  What happens now?

  • Private Referral – either you will have discussed with the doctor who would be the most appropriate private consultant to see, or the doctor could give you the option to research who you would like to see privately.  You could either let the Practice Secretary know by contacting her direct or leave a message with instructions on whom your referral letter should be addressed to.  Once the referral letter has been sent to the appropriate consultant, you will be contacted directly by the private hospital appointments team.
  • NHS Referral – this will be done either via the Choose and Book System or a direct referral to the hospital:-

Choose and Book System

Using this system allows you to choose a NHS provider if you have any preferences as to which hospital you would like to go to, please discuss this during the consultation with the doctor.  After a few days, you will receive in the post your unique booking reference number and password, along with instructions on how to book your appointment (either online or by phone).

Direct referral

Sometimes the Choose and Book System is not available for certain speciality referrals.  In this case, a referral letter is sent to the hospital of your and the doctor’s choice and the appointments department will contact you direct.  If you have not heard from them within a reasonable amount of time, contact the Practice Secretary here at the surgery and she will chase your referral.

Electronic Referral

Referrals to musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, rheumatology, plastics and podiatry are sent via MSK Enhanced Service Centre for triaging process first.  These referrals are sent electronically but your consent to share your medical information needs to be obtained first.  If you haven’t already consented to share information, either complete the Sharing Information form that we have on reception or let us know verbally.

It is important that you keep your contact details up to date as the hospital may wish to contact you by phone or mobile phone.