Sexual Health

Chlamydia Screening Programme 16-24 year olds

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is widespread amongst 16-24 year olds.

Chlamydia is the most common curable STI in this country and most people don’t know they have it because there are often no symptoms.  It is easily passed on from one person to another during sexual activity.

If left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems such as infertility (unable to have children), for men and women, a painful infection in the testicles and problems with pregnancy and childbirth.

Testing is easy, all we need is a urine sample and it’s simple to treat with free antibiotics.  All sexual partners must also be tested to stop chlamydia from spreading and to help stop you from being infected again.

Screening is free and confidential.  Simply make an appointment to see the practice nurse.

For more information on chlamydia go to Terrence Higgins Trust